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Friday Roundup #1-19

The clock struck midnight on 31st December, so the Roundup clock is reset back to #1. Feels odd to go back to 1, but it’s hard to believe that I had posted 22 roundups in 2018 and I didn’t start them from the outset.

Before I go any further though, Happy New Year to you all. May your life be filled with health and happiness in 2019, and a good dose of crafting, of course.

My first post was on 24th May 2018, with Roundup #1 published on 23rd June, a month later. I did miss the odd one over the summer holidays. Will that happen again? Maybe. Everyone deserves a break from writing now and then, right?

Looking back, I saw that I decided to make the Never Ending Granny Square blanket in June 18. It only took me a while to complete and I lay on my bed now writing this blog post, with said blanket on the bed.

In July I was working through a pattern test for Jo Creates before I left for my holidays. I just made it in time. And then on holiday I managed to visit an LYS in Venice, which turned out to be a lovely little shop.

Back home in August I confessed my addiction to buying yarn, especially when it’s on sale. I am hoping MildlyGranolas idea of limiting yarn purchase to only a specific weight and after using up x amount from stash, may provide a cure.

September saw me make my first amigurumi teddy bear. He was ok if a little floppy in the neck. I wove a houndstooth scarf on the loom which is lovely, if hairy (it’s alpaca) and tried another teddy bear which just did not work. I will get back to it this year.

With October, contrary to its name, I finished my Never Ending blanket and started and finished another one which was a gift for someone from Xmas 2017. A little late but in time for the cooler weather.

November arrived and so did my first crochet attempt at creativity, with a shawl. I really need to finish writing the pattern. And my knitting practiced continue with a knit hat in the round, followed by a scarf.

December saw the mad rush to Christmas and lots in at work, so I only managed to weave two tea towels, which went on to be Christmas gifts.

So that was a rundown of some of my posts from 2018.

As to 2019, I cannot say that I have crafted much this past week though. But I shall come to what I have done in a moment. First, I mentioned my crafty gifts from Christmas. So here they are.

Number one is probably the best another CraftCourses voucher. Yet to decide what I shall do with the credit. It will cover either one or two courses depending on what I choose. Initial thoughts are:

  1. StrapWeaving
  2. Furniture Upholstery
  3. Pottery

Will keep you posted on my decision. As these are likely to change.

The second gift was a lovely set of needles and cord from KnitPro. I do like them and they feel nice in the hand.

My new KnitPro needle set

Also, I can understand some of the comments I see around the web, that metal needles are slippery. I really had to watch how close the stitches were to the point, as they really do slip off quite readily, compared to wood or plastic. I shall persevere, though I may revise my choice of needle material when doing my fist sweater. I want something where I don’t have to add extra worry into the mix.

What type of knitting needle do you prefer? I would love to know.

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic

I have tried them out on some DK yarn and my first attempt at some little cables. I clearly lost concentration as you can probably see. I managed to add two stitches somewhere which threw the second cables row out of alignment.


Lastly, I received the Handweaver Guide, that I posted a link to last week. I’m going to do a review post in a week or two once I have tried out some of the ideas.

So, have you made any resolutions? I tend to make fewer every year. Number one for me is too lose the colder season weight. I’m sure I was made for hibernation, yet never seem to get the sleeping part; only the eating bit. 😉

Not to buy too much yarn, and only when needed with a project in mind!

And to try and knit, crochet or weave at least 2 items each month. It may not be finished in the week, but at least started. And maybe will use up the stash.

Care to share any crafty resolutions?

So, that’s my Roundup #1-19 which was more a round up of roundups from 2018. I look forward to sharing our crafting journeys throughout 2019 and look forward to seeing what you all make.

Best wishes for 2019.

3 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #1-19

  1. I hope your yarn diet goes well. It took me three years of saying I was going to do it until I found a way to monitor it that made me stick to it. I prefer metal needles, I like how fast they are. I do love lykke driftwood needles, but I’ve had them break before so I tend not to use them for fear of breaking them.
    I look forward to seeing what you make this year!


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