Working with Glass

Glass is such an interesting medium to work with. I look at all the amazing pieces that crafters share on Instagram and hope one day I might have even a small amount of the skill they have.

Fused glass I find fascinating, making images appear from lots of small or larger pieces of glass and then reliant on the kiln to fuse that into a whole. I see some videos of these being made and they are done so quickly, and others that are built up over layers to create some real sense of depth.

I made this at my first workshop. It is supposed to be a cherry tree branch in bloom. Its fairly abstract, but it looks lovely lit with a tea light behind. I gave it as a gift for a birthday present.
I also made a coaster on the same day in the remaining time. It was a rushjob, but it came out quite well. I think so, at least.

Stained glass creates some wonderful and colourful pieces whether it is scenary or a simple window light/sun-catcher.

The workshop I attend uses the Tiffany method of copper tape and solder. I’ve not moved on to proper leaded stained glass.

This was my first, made on the same day as the fused glass. Its a fairly simple design, but looks lovely catching the sunlight.
My second was a full day workshop and resulted in this coastal scene. I just love the white baroque glass frame. Reminds me of angel wings.
This piece I made at what was a postponed Fused Glass workshop, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A bluebell Wood scene, there are elements I like and some I kick myself for, but this is all part of the learning curve.

Watch out for more coming soon, as I am contemplating buying studio time to do something larger and more freestyle; although unsure on whether it will be fused or stained glass at the moment.