Working with Leather

I find working with leather interesting. A different medium and a different level of concentration, given I am working with sharp instruments. It is still early days in exploring this craft, but there is more to experience.

I only started working with leather in 2019. My initiation to this material was a Sneaker workshop, run by Esther Keen of Leather, Needle, Thread based out of Bristol. This was closely followed later in the year by a Stitch-less Bag workshop, again with Esther.

Esther is a great teacher, with lots of patience and great advice. I hope to attend more of her workshops in the future.

In the meantime, I shall continue to explore this craft at home.

My Projects

Leather Sneaker Workshop

Read about the day in my post ‘Got Good Sole’.

Stitch-less Bag Workshop

You can read about this workshop in my post Stitch-less Leather Bag Workshop.

SneakerKit At Home

This year, I was looking back at some of my favourite projects and the Sneakers from 2019 was one of them. Conversation with a follower on that post prompted me to order a SneakerKit to do at home.

You can read about these Sneakers across three posts.

From unpack to finished product

I recently added another pair as a gift for my sister.