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Why use one exclamation mark when more than one makes a greater statement. At least, that’s how people younger than me probably see it. I have to be like ‘meh!’ I’ll use it too!! (an extra one for good measure!) 🙂

WARNING…Exclamation marks may be used in abundance and not within normal grammar rules!!

I’ve gotten like this only recently and I’ll post about that soon. I’m talking about changing things I’ve accepted as part of me but not necessarily me, and realisation or reckoning on where and who I am. I’ve been working up a post up that means a lot to me and I want it to be right before I post it. Some things are hard to let go of completely 😆 I’ve still got to be comfortable with what I write, for me. Yet not be preachy. Just matter of fact and how I feel. WIP!

But today I wanted to share about flying. Not in planes.

I’ve lived in the countryside half of my life so far. Or generally close it it. Nature plays a key part in balancing me. It helps keep me sane, brings relaxation, an ease of stress and a focus on something other than the daytime terror of work!

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy my work. I just could quite easily do with a lot less of it.

Today, we had a flying experience with Birds of Prey. It was totally amazing.

To have that glove on your hand and this beautiful and amazing bird fly to your hand and be so close to you is breathtaking. All the birds in the following images were either bred in captivity or rescued and unable to survive in the wild if released. They are well cared for, never over used for display, and tell their trainer when they feel they have done enough.

Our first bird to fly is a Kestrel. This one is called Boomerang. Such a beautiful bird. I lived in Devon and we would often see this bird hovering by roadsides waiting for the prey to appear. Apparently, they can even see faint markings of urine trails that rodents leave behind which helps them to hunt. The urine having an ultraviolet marker which they can just make out. Evolution is such an amazing thing.

Boomerang the Kestrel

He was amazing, following us through the garden. Coming in to land when called and getting a little treat, part of his daily intake.

I will forever be jealous of birds and their ability to fly. To rise on thermals, and float almost stationary in the sky. Mastery of the air currents. I always get a thrill of excitement if I stand on a cliff or hill with the wind rushing over me. Feeling part of something much bigger and dynamic. Have you ever been on your own in a windy location, and held your arms out and let the wind rush over you? I have. It’s exhilarating!!

Our second bird was so out there. I lived in Australia as a kid so, I knew it instantly. But to think I would ever fly one.

A kookaburra called Bruce… of course!

Bruce was such a character and that beautiful iridescent blue of his feathers. Now and then he would spot a worm or insect on the ground and pop down to catch the tasty morsel. But the rest of the time he would fly to us to get the even more tasty treat.

Thirdly, we flew Allen, the Barn Owl. Wow! These are such beautiful creatures. So graceful in flight. And silent! The perfect hunter. If you are afraid of birds and it’s a fluttery wings thing, this is nothing like that. Silence! And he’s past you before you realise it. I appreciate that a fear of birds may be more than that.

Allen the Barn Owl
A barn owl in flight

Our final bird experience was a Red Kite. Wow!!

A Red Kite on my gloved hand

Saffron was a little reticent as she was just being reintroduced to experience flying after a winters break. She came when called… most of the time, until the end when she decided.. ‘I’m done for today!’ and sat in a tree for 10 minutes or so.

Red Kites are a success of the reintroduction of a bird hunted to almost extinction. Mostly because of misinformation.

We watched more birds flying in the Flying Show. This culminated with a White Tailed Sea Eagle which was amazing. Almost two metre wing span! Reintroduction programme is planned for Wales in the next year or two. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and if they can rebalance the Seagull population, I’m all for it.

So, that was my day today. I did mention there would be a lot of !!!! And there was.

But hopefully you liked seeing these truly amazing birds. And if you have the chance to do something like this near you… go for it. Totally amazing experience. And, to reiterate, no birds were harmed in this and it was the birds that decided when they were happy and done for the day.

6 thoughts on “Flying!!

  1. We have lots of kestrels here in Oklahoma, but I never see them close up. They hunt their prey perched on telephone lines. I truly get why you love consorting with birds. As a girl I sometimes dreamed of flying. It was a vivid experience. Great post.

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