The Eclectic Crafter Shop

Watch out for changes coming to this page about my shop.

Since I started making things in crochet many years ago, and then in knitting, weaving , leather and glass, I have mainly given away what I make as gifts. While that won’t stop, I quickly realised that having a small circle of true friends and family meant I soon had to pause giving away items. I had exhausted my pool of recipients.

However, I didn’t stop making items of clothing or decorations. As a result, I’ve built up a small stock. I thought long and hard about this and decided to open a shop online to sell these various pieces. Primarily to make my crafting self funding and allow me to continue making and crafting.

So, earlier in September 2020 I started work on building out my shop space; taking lots of pictures, adding content, working through getting to a price that covers my costs and time without undervaluing handcrafted items.

Then, last week I set it live. I still had some tweaks that I made and later additions, but it is now up and running and open for business.

I settled on the name Eclectic Crafter given I make and craft in different mediums. It seemed to fit well, although all the items currently listed are fibre based either weaving or crochet at the moment. That will change in the coming months. The obvious choice would have been my blog site name, but I came up with that long before I started working in glass and leather, let alone knitting. I still need to think about possibly changing my blog site name.

There are a few things I am still working out such as delivery to the USA. At the moment, I’m asking customers to contact me to find out how much something will cost to deliver to the USA. But you can complete an order for the UK and Western Europe online and select a the delivery option you need.

In terms of packaging, I have gone as environmentally friendly as possible.

My delivery bags are carbon neutral and made from a byproduct of sugarcane and can be recycled through most facilities or by dropping them into your local shop and their carrier bag recycling box.

Items are wrapped in tissue paper and where there may be a ribbon, this is raffia.

If all goes well, I hope to move to a biodegradable bag but it has to be the right one as there are some that currently degrade into micro fragments and are soon to be banned in Europe for obvious environmental reasons.

So, I hope you can take time to visit, spread the word, even buy something if it takes your fancy.

I’ll thank you in advance for stopping by.