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Why use one exclamation mark when more than one makes a greater statement. At least, that’s how people younger than me probably see it. I have to be like ‘meh!’ I’ll use it too!! (an extra one for good measure!) 🙂 WARNING…Exclamation marks may be used in abundance and not within normal grammar rules!! I’ve… Continue reading Flying!!

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Garden work can be a pain

What a lovely day today, on Good Friday. I purchased two roses for the new garden bed I dug about two weeks ago. I was knackered after that just from slicing off the turf and digging it over to find about 20 odd bricks. The roses came yesterday, so this morning I was into the… Continue reading Garden work can be a pain

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Know your OH’s weakness

So, I’ve decided that my Other Half’s weakness is train travel. Or more specifically when you need to make quick decisions. Put him on a platform where you just missed the train and it’s any other train will do. We are now on a train to Brussels Central that takes 2 hours instead of just… Continue reading Know your OH’s weakness

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Change is good

I hope at least it’s good. I’ve been cogitating, um-ing and ar-ing over doing a complete overhaul of my shop. When I say complete, I mean the name, url, IG page, everything. The main driver for it is that I am mainly weaving and crochet more than anything else. It’s about all I have time… Continue reading Change is good

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New scarf

So, a lovely customer purchased the lilac shawl a few weeks back. And then afterwards asked me to make a scarf in the same pattern and colour yarn. I don’t get commissions often, so this was lovely to receive. This is the shawl Now, the fun part of this was working out changing a pattern… Continue reading New scarf