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New scarf

So, a lovely customer purchased the lilac shawl a few weeks back. And then afterwards asked me to make a scarf in the same pattern and colour yarn. I don’t get commissions often, so this was lovely to receive.

This is the shawl

Now, the fun part of this was working out changing a pattern that is worked from the tip of a triangle to a pattern worked along a long crochet chain.

I tried a couple of samples, working along a chain, and then working from the tip again, but at the point that the width was right, to start to come back in to form a rectangle.

That didn’t work so well, so the long chain was the winner. Because I hate creating a long chain and having to work into said chain I decided to do a foundation double crochet chain instead. what this did was add a nice wide edge to the scarf and gave it some structure.

i worked a double crochet on the other long edge of the last row, then added some fans for the ends. It turned out lovely and the customer was very happy.

Now, I need to get back to some weaving, and also some quilting, and gardening and where is the time I need for all this!

I was in London this week and stayed at the Intercontinental and they had these amazing flower displays with jasmine which filled the lobby with perfume.

Beautiful but I couldn’t help think how much it cost 😆

Have a lovely weekend.

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