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I know it’s an odd title, but it summed up the dreaded COVID finding its way into our house. To be surprised, I am amazed it took this long given the other half works in education.

I am thankful it did take so long as it really does feel like a rotten flu/cold. Although I feel for all those before me over the past two years that had it worse or lost loved ones.

My temperature goes up and down but not excessively and mainly at night. Blocked up and then clear. A little cough, but nothing I haven’t dealt with before. I’ve had worse cough type flu where it just doesn’t give you a break.

Thankful that I have had my jabs and booster as it could always have be worse. I would urge people to do it if you haven’t been vaccinated. My symptoms came on the 3rd in the afternoon and quickly escalated to flu, and while I took a sick day yesterday, today I am up and about feeling like I have a cold.

Here is what is in the big loom.

I also had cut off some of the weaving I started as I lost tension in transit.

Looks nice framed.

Have a lovely weekend.

6 thoughts on “Urgh!!

    1. Thank you. Yes, I was playing around with iWeaveIt and came up with it although I’m sure it’s been done before. I like it though. Just added a blue part and cut it from the loom as a sample because I want to thread the heddles differently.

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