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Change is good

I hope at least it’s good. I’ve been cogitating, um-ing and ar-ing over doing a complete overhaul of my shop. When I say complete, I mean the name, url, IG page, everything. The main driver for it is that I am mainly weaving and crochet more than anything else. It’s about all I have time… Continue reading Change is good

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I know it’s an odd title, but it summed up the dreaded COVID finding its way into our house. To be surprised, I am amazed it took this long given the other half works in education. I am thankful it did take so long as it really does feel like a rotten flu/cold. Although I… Continue reading Urgh!!

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If you are still there, thank you

The title of this post and the content is an apology for deserting you guys that had been following my posts, reading, commenting and being a great audience. My apology is for leaving you all of a sudden and just focusing on Insta. I’ve always, or usually, spent time writing a post which takes more… Continue reading If you are still there, thank you

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Construction frustrations

My lampshade kit arrived, and I’ve secured the ends of my weaving for its wash and dry. I have sufficient for two 20cm lampshades. Not a picture of it on the line, but before the wash. I’ve read through the instructions and fingers crossed all will be fine. But my construction woes are not with… Continue reading Construction frustrations


Finished … nearly

Here you go. Off the loom. Just need to give it a quick zigzag hem and a soak.