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Construction frustrations

My lampshade kit arrived, and I’ve secured the ends of my weaving for its wash and dry. I have sufficient for two 20cm lampshades.

Not a picture of it on the line, but before the wash.

I’ve read through the instructions and fingers crossed all will be fine.

But my construction woes are not with this, but with my new shelving from Tylko. I ordered it 4 weeks ago and it arrived this past week. I decided to put it together this morning.

If you haven’t seen Tylko before, they make modular shelving that you simply click together. None of this wooden dowel, Allen key, screwdriver malarkey. I thought I would give it a go for a room divider. It’s good because both sides are finished the same, unlike a lot of furniture which has the raw edges on the rear.

Plus, you design it how you want it using their online design tool. So you can space the shelves, vary heights, add drawers and doors etc.

Pretty neat.

Unfortunately, I can unstuck right at the start. Firstly, one end piece was labelled incorrectly which threw me for a moment, but it was easy to flip.

But the other side, they had fitted the hinge piece on the wrong side. 😤 And I couldn’t flip it the same way so as the other piece to get the hinge pieces on the inside as then the connectors were opposite to where they should be. So the next piece wouldn’t connect.

Anyway, I opened a chat. Thankfully they are there on a Saturday! Long story short, they are sending me a replacement part, which should come maybe by the weekend. I’m hoping, anyway,

I’ve checked some more pieces and they seem to be fine. But someone should get a little arse kicking for not checking properly.

It has to happen to me, of course. Nothing is ever plain sailing.

So I got as far as… nowhere, really.

This is it reversed to get the hinges inside, but orange should connect to orange, black to black.

I did think I could unscrew the pieces and remix them in the opposite way, but the screws will be self tappers, and so would just create a weak spot.

😢 I’ll have to wait another week, but maybe I’ll get the carpet guy to pop in and tidy the end of the carpet with a trim before next weekend. Easier to do before I put the shelf on the carpet edge. It’s all ragged from when we cut it to uncover the wood flooring.

Thought I would share a pic of this cutie. Wearing my hat. 😆

‘We are not amused’ face, again!

I’ll post pics of the lampshades when done. Have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Construction frustrations

  1. I don’t know how you can get a carpet guy to just pop in. Over here in the US of A it takes weeks to schedule any construction/handyman work. They are swamped and there aren’t enough workers in the building trades anymore.

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    1. 🙂 it was something I asked a while back if he could do sometime once we were ready. He’s local so I guess it’s like a 10 min job on the way to another. However, getting a plasterer was like getting hens teeth! Even had one turn up to look, but never got a quote in return. I’d prefer people just say they don’t have the space, than give false hope.

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