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Friday Roundup #49-20

Ok. Going to try and keep this short. It’s late, not normally an issue, but my eyes are seriously tired today. I even kind of napped earlier which is not like me. For those not on IG, I posted Thursday nights dinner. Chicken, Mushroom, Pea and Asparagus Risotto As Sarah (mildlygranola) rightly pointed out on… Continue reading Friday Roundup #49-20

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Friday Roundup #48-20

The past week has been less about craft and more about sorting out new furniture and presents for Christmas. We’re doing a bit of a mix this year with most being given to charity and the lesser being odd presents. Our charities are The Dogs Trust. They have done a lot more this year due… Continue reading Friday Roundup #48-20

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Friday Roundup #47-20 (Delayed)

You know, I got to last night and was just tired out from work. I thought, I can’t do a post now. Plus, I don’t have much to share. This week has been one of moving, cleaning, unpacking, cleaning, looking at boxes still to unpack... you get the picture. And then back to work for… Continue reading Friday Roundup #47-20 (Delayed)

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Friday Roundup #46-20

It’s going to be a short post this today. Why? Well everything is up in the air at the moment. Or rather in boxes! We are at least across the threshold of the new house, although moving in fully on Monday. All very exciting, if exhausting. Not a lot of crafting taking place this past… Continue reading Friday Roundup #46-20

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Spinning Around

This morning as planned I started to ply the three singles. Step 1 was to wind the three into a single ball. It may be better doing this straight from the spindle, but as this is a new craft I only have two. So as part of winding into three balls and then winding into… Continue reading Spinning Around