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New weaving

This has been ready to have the heddles threaded for about 3 days. I made a mess first time as my threading draft I did wrong. I missed out one small section and ended up at the other side with too many warp threads when I should have had none left. Work was busy and… Continue reading New weaving

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Friday Roundup #27-20

It’s hard to believe that this is Friday #27, and the start of the second half of the year. Where did that time go? This past week has been rather mixed, as I went back to work on Wednesday, but only for two days. It was nice though to catch up with people and have… Continue reading Friday Roundup #27-20

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Garden Days

What a lovely Monday but very warm. It would not surprise me if I have caught the sun, as I have been outside most of the afternoon sorting out the garden planters... finally! The poor plants have been sat waiting patiently for about two weeks. Although they were starting to form a nice display without… Continue reading Garden Days

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Friday Roundup #10-20

Isn’t this a cheerful sight to see? After all the gloom and storms, and more gloom in the news at the moment. Lovely, cheerful and bright The mornings are lighter too. And while we have a forecast for showers this weekend, at least it is not another named storm. I think we have had enough,… Continue reading Friday Roundup #10-20

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Friday Roundup #28-19

Sometimes I wonder where the week goes. The days just seem to roll into one and before you know it... BANG! It’s Friday and another week bites the dust. I had good intentions to take a picture of the blanket, but tonight I ripped a whole round out because I realised on the last but… Continue reading Friday Roundup #28-19