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Garden Days

What a lovely Monday but very warm. It would not surprise me if I have caught the sun, as I have been outside most of the afternoon sorting out the garden planters… finally!

The poor plants have been sat waiting patiently for about two weeks. Although they were starting to form a nice display without me intervening. However, my raggedly tubs from the winter display needed changing.

The old plants were turned out and being one for not ditching live plants if possible, they have been planted between some box plants. The primroses and polyanthas will do fine there. I was surprised to find even the cyclamen had survived. Normally these get mouldy with a frost beating them down, but these had come through, a little raggedly. One even seeded and produced seedlings, so they have been planted too.

So, now I have two tubs and a trough, all planted up.

Begonia Bonfire in the left and a mix of Ivy leaf geraniums, petunias, a begonia, and I think some Anthemis. I could be wrong.
A similar mix in this one, but zonal geraniums instead and some bedding begonias. You can see the primroses just peaking out on the top right.

The roses have done much better this year. I think they prefer the sunnier aspect here, than in the previous place.

I hope one day soon, I shall release them from the constricted pot environment for food garden soil. I think the pink one is called Strawberry Fields.

By way of an update, the weaving is done and I am onto the next stage. I managed to soak and dry the fabric today, so tomorrow I’ll try and make a start on creating cushion covers. Wish me luck!

My extra heddles I ordered arrive tomorrow. Hopefully, I can then work on some double heddle weaving and use up some Cottolin I purchased a couple years back.

I also plan to work on a quick project and make some face cloths with some Lily’s white cotton I have in stash. Slowly working through my hoard of yarn. Although, I did go and splurge on some cotton from I’ll share some pictures Friday, if it arrives by then.

Hope you are all staying safe and well.

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