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Friday Roundup #25-20

Isn’t lavender lovely. Just love that rich purple colour. I hope you are all doing well and maybe seeing some easing of the lockdown, wherever you are in the world.

We are seeing some changes here in Wales, but it’s all a bit piecemeal. I remain on furlough this past week and now am coming up to two weeks in this Tuesday coming.

There has been weaving taking place this week, and everything is off the loom, so I should have a think about what else to make now.

I’ll share more tomorrow, along with pictures and proper updates on the week. For now, unusually, I am tired and heading for some sleep.

But, I shall leave you with this picture of a Blue Dasher Dragonfly. What a lovely iridescent blue.

Normal service shall resume tomorrow 😉

One thought on “Friday Roundup #25-20

  1. I hope you got the rest you needed. We have had our three holidays to Pembrokshire cancelled and were gutted. Wales really is closed down. I’m not surprised, and I’d hate to be a burden on the resources of anywhere, but I do miss it!


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