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Know your OH’s weakness

So, I’ve decided that my Other Half’s weakness is train travel. Or more specifically when you need to make quick decisions.

Put him on a platform where you just missed the train and it’s any other train will do.

We are now on a train to Brussels Central that takes 2 hours instead of just one! 😔

The secret is in the number of stations between you and your destination. Or for me it is. And the destination arrival time. For him it was ‘There’s the stop we need’ and off he goes. I’m looking at thinking where in the list!

So we’ve come from Lille and now heading back towards it! Directionally at least. South west instead of south east.


Whilst you are here, a picture or two of Bruges.

Outskirts of centre

If you are going somewhere, hope you get there faster than us 😆

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