Yarn Based Projects

Here are some of my favourite yarn based projects. These have either been given away, kept or in the odd exception sold.

You can see the full range on my Ravelry page and links to the pattern designers where applicable here.

Lace Shawl – The lace shawl was my first truly complex crochet project.  It found its home with my sister; she is more of a knitter and makes some lovely pieces.
The Sunrise or Sunset shawl was to be a birthday gift, however I sold it instead.  It’s a smaller shawl as the yarn cake was literally just enough.  I wish I had purchased a larger one. It was made with yarn from Wollium and is a gradient yarn cake with the yarn comprised of individual un-plied threads.
This blanket is made with a Merino blend. It is a baby sized blanket, nice and cosy and was given away as a new baby gift to a colleague.
A little baby blanket, perfect for laying over the baby in a crib. It is still waiting for a good home. It was made with left over yarn in lovely ice cream colours.
A favourite of mine. The colours are lovely and I called it Caramel Toffee Blanket, I think. I kept this one for me as a nice lap blanket. The yarn is discontinued now and while I forget the brand, I recall it was a Peru located company I think. This was made with the No-Beginning Chain method, which can be found on Ravelry or a Google search.
My biggest blanket, it took a while to make. Its a Never Ending Granny Square with three colours. As it became larger, each side took longer. I use it a lot on the bed because it is still quite light.
I started weaving about 15 months ago by attending a one-day workshop. This was my third scarf that I made with some King Cole yarn. I love its colour changes and it is lovely and soft, perfect for autumn and spring colder days.
This shawl was a woven piece using West Yorkshire Spinners sock yarn in two shades of pink, one of which was variegated. This was given to my sister.
This table runner I made with a slubby cotton yarn for weft and mercerised green cotton for warp. The twill patter is with an unmercerised cotton yarn doubled.
I don’t do a huge amount of knitting, but this was my favourite hat. Unfortunately, I lost it on the train one day, so had to knit another.