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Garden work can be a pain

What a lovely day today, on Good Friday.

I purchased two roses for the new garden bed I dug about two weeks ago. I was knackered after that just from slicing off the turf and digging it over to find about 20 odd bricks.

The roses came yesterday, so this morning I was into the garden. Started to dig the hole and thought another brick. Great!

Oh! Now I know where the water main to the house is.

There were a fair few expletives uttered. I won’t share them, but they were colourful 😉

Called the water company who had a look and said they would sort it out. In the next few days.

We still have good water pressure to the house as it’s only a hole from the tine of a garden fork. But for now we have a small pond.

In terms of priorities we are lo down as they are trying to find a leak somewhere near us which is losing 2000 gallons!

In other news, the tulips are in flower.

I went for some deep colours this year. I would tell you the names if I could remember. I think one might be Cardinal something.

We have a Robin nesting in a box near the house. However, not sure if it is still tending as I haven’t seen it around and she was egg sitting before we went away.

I think there is a chick but if they don’t come back I’m not holding out hope. Keeping fingers crossed.

The holiday was a nice and well earned break to Brussels. I love The Grand Place with its gold leafed buildings. Although the cobbles were killers to the feet. Walked about 70,000 steps in the four days.

Galleries Royales Saint-Hubert
Nighttime lighting

The arcade is just over 200 metres and was opened in 1847. our hotel was just up from this area.

Zoom in and you can just make out the glint of gold.
The Atomium

And inside is a long queue to get to the top for the view.

In the foreground is the MiniEurope attraction, models of a city area or building across each country of Europe. The city of Brussels in the background.

An interesting light show on one of the levels. Please note, flashing lights in the videos.

The Atomium was built for the World Fair 1958. The lights display also appeared in the escalator sections between the orbs.

But back home now and looking to a lovely long Easter holiday weekend. Have a lovely time all.

4 thoughts on “Garden work can be a pain

  1. Surprised the water main was so vulnerable to damage. No wonder they have a 2000 gallon leak somewhere. Can’t say I am very impressed with water companies. Before and after privatisation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know. Me too surprised. I don’t think it’s deep enough. Checked online and min depth suggested is 75cm which this isn’t. As to water companies, in Wales it’s private but no shareholders so at least it’s focused on returning profit into services rather than lining pockets of shareholders. Basic essentials such as utilities should never be privatised really.

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  2. Oh no! Major oops moment. You’ll be forever cautious of digging anywhere now. Looks like a lovely trip away. Good for the soul to be out again.


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