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Friday Roundup #33-20

It’s true that the first week back after holidays is always the hardest. And why does it seem like five days are so much longer than they are? This weekend feel like it has taken forever to arrive. At least it is here now and the humidity and stuffy air has gone too. We didn’t… Continue reading Friday Roundup #33-20


Dinan at Sunrise

I was up early, primarily to let the old dog out for a wee, but it was so lovely, I put her back on her bed and stayed out for some photo opportunities. So, here we go. Sunrise! Early sunlight on the ramparts Flat and calm before the hustle and bustle starts River mist The… Continue reading Dinan at Sunrise

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Friday Roundup #31-20

Here we are, one week into our holidays, but I still have until Monday when I go back to work. Tomorrow we head to Dinan for the next week. Located a little further inland, it is close to the Sea with a drive. Sunset Rounding off our visit to Deauville, I have some pictures from… Continue reading Friday Roundup #31-20


Beautiful Butterflies

A visit to Naturospace in Honfleur was delightful. Seeing these lovely creatures and to be in the midst of them as they flutter around on crazy flight paths is wonderful. I wrote a haiku summing up my visit. Kaleidoscope wingsDancing in colourful flightButterflies astound I felt lucky to have two land on my shoulder. According… Continue reading Beautiful Butterflies

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Seaside and Shawl

Today, we have had a good walk around the town of Deauville. It is full of timbered buildings in and Anglo-Norman style (think mock Tudor) both old and new. A lot are really well kept, so we are left guessing how old some are. Deauville has a rich history of being a seaside resort for… Continue reading Seaside and Shawl