About Me

I am a crafter or maker, in different mediums.  Some more experienced than in others.

I am guy that likes to hook, weave and on occasion I may dabble in knitting, but at a basic level.  I’ve been crocheting for about 7 years, gaining more experience and challenging myself as I grew in confidence.  Everything I make currently is either given away as presents or simply made for family and friends.

Weaving, is a more recent addition this year, and is giving me fresh challenges, which is always good.  I love that with weaving, fabric can be created so quickly.  I know I have barely scratched the surface and there is plenty to learn.

I have always been a ‘crafty’ kinda guy, and have also tried my hand at stone carving.  My first piece was meant to be an acorn, but ended up more like a ‘boob’. My third piece was much better, working in alabaster I carved a bird.  Still work to do to it, which I will get to one day. Working with yarn is less exhausting.

The thing I like about working with yarn, is that relatively quickly you can work up a hat, scarf or with patience something more intricate such as a really detailed shawl.  It’s also something that takes minimal concentration once in a rhythm and in no time, you have done 10 rows.

Plus, wearing something you have created yourself or seeing others wear items of clothing, or wrapped up warm in a big blanket, gives you a great sense of pride.

My latest adventures in crafting are linked to glass with stained and fused glass workshops.  And I have been working with leather too and made sneakers and a bag. I hope to further explore both mediums, although I am sure one will win out over the other.

Recently, I purchased a sewing machine so that I could do more with the weaving I create and possibly the leather for small items.

I am hoping that as I learn new techniques and try out new methods or patterns in yarn and my other pastimes, that I can share the experience, challenges and successes, or even failures, with you. We can all learn together and I hope I can learn from you.