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Easter Holidays Crafting

We took the opportunity to get away for a week and be in a different set of four walls than those we’ve seen for the past few months!

Wales released lockdown and allowed self contained units to open, and Welsh residents able to travel beyond a stay local. We remain cautious, have masks, hand gel etc. We are sticking to walks and open places and on the west coast there seem to be few crowds.

As it happens, we have to head home early by a day. I got my appointment for the vaccine through for Friday afternoon. The OH has his on Saturday morning.

On to craft. Geometric Tapestry Weaving is going well. Although still having an issue with the selvedge. Need to try and solve that with the next one.

I added an extra diamond to the course directions, which may not have helped matters. I practiced a different bind off which involves weaving the ends around each other one way, then coming back the other. I do like it as it makes it very neat.

First pass
Second pass – not the best focus

For holiday crafting, I packed up some stash yarn I’ve had for a few years, and some hooks to suit. I only decided what to make when I got here. A shawl, which is coming on fine. Although, watching TV at the same time, I find my concentration goes and I’ve errored and had to frog backwards. Couple of times I have done that.

It’s a Bergere yarn, which might be discontinued as I recall getting it on discount. It’s a real mix of acrylic, viscose, linen, cotton and something else I think. There is a little bit of sparkle included so here’s hoping it shows up at the end. It’s a lilac colour which as usual is playing up with the camera.

Back to the holiday, here’s a picture of the beach from today’s walk. We have some great beaches in Wales.

Not the best but was trying to take single handed with a dog lead in the other.
Low cloud on the hills behind the town

Another walk tomorrow in better weather. Take care, all.

10 thoughts on “Easter Holidays Crafting

  1. Looks lovely and deserted on your walk. We are looking forward to discovering some of the local beaches here along the Jurassic Coast but I imagine they might get even more busy than usual with ‘staycations’ becoming more popular so maybe we won’t risk this Easter weekend.

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    1. There are some lovely places along there. You’re probably best to try and do any trips early in the day and midweek. Try and find the less visited areas away from the big towns. I used and an app called Footpath route planner before. Good for checking for car parks, planning route and checking gradients.

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  2. Have had many great holidays in Wales. Especially oved Tywyn as there you had beaches, mountains and steam trains! Geometric tapestry weaving looks interesting, presumably you will be doing more in future.

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  3. So looking forward to being back in Pembs later this month! This time back in our usual house so we can just shut the door and not struggle with a hotel and dogs. Missed it so much.

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