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Friday Roundup #33-20

It’s true that the first week back after holidays is always the hardest. And why does it seem like five days are so much longer than they are? This weekend feel like it has taken forever to arrive.

At least it is here now and the humidity and stuffy air has gone too. We didn’t get the thunderstorms here, but they were happening about 10 miles either side of us. We had some good shows of lightning either side of us.

The video is 56 seconds and I chopped some out, but half way and towards the end I slowed some strikes right down to see the awesome force of nature crawl across the night sky.

With it being the first week back, I have had little time to consider any crafting. The loom has remained empty and the shawl unblocked. That’s now Saturdays job.

However, I started some more crochet, using the stash yarn I took on holiday, some Sirdar Snuggly DK, perfect for babies. So, using zero imagination I started a granny square baby blanket. Granny stitch is pretty much mindless, as long as you ensure you have the three required DC stitches. It’s also mind numbingly boring as soon as they get bigger. It brings back memories of making the large bedspread. That had over 200 granny stitches per side 😦 Every side felt like I was in a marathon.

But it’s worth the effort as the stitch does create a nice, simple effect and a blanket that does not get too hot, but gives just the right amount of warmth.

This will not be large as I am using stash yarn and have already run out of the mid-green colour in the centre. I doubt I have enough of the light green, so I am going to have to change things up a little.

I’ll have this finished tomorrow I guess. It will go on my pile of things I have made over time that I may try and sell sometime soon.

I posted the following picture to my IG feed on Thursday, I think. It’s from the last night in Dinan, of the port and viaduct all lit up. Dinan has moved with the times and changed their bulbs to energy saving types, from what I can tell. But the still give of the orange glow of the old sodium type bulbs. I was inspecting a lamplight (as you do when on holiday) and I think they coloured the glass. I think it helps to make the place look perfect. A harsh white light would not work well with the old, historical buildings.

One of my other pictures has been selected by the Dinan Vallée de La Rance Tourisme Facebook page as their picture of the week. 🙂

It is being posted on Sunday but is on their IG feed already. If you aren’t on IG, here it is.

Dinan au lever du soleil

I feel honoured and certainly hope to go back to Dinan again soon.

Anyway, time for sleep. I have a shawl to block and a loom to dress with a warp, all in 7 hours time.

Enjoy the weekend.

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