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Friday Roundup #32-20

Another week has slipped by and we head towards the end of our holiday to France and back to work from Monday.

Today is another scorching Friday. Or at least it is for us when you aren’t used to it. 37C. Last Friday was low 30Cs but benefitted from a sea breeze. Unfortunately there is no breeze to speak of today.

This morning I took it easy and completed the shawl. No option to do anything more to the edging. I must have just 10 metres remaining. You know that yarn chicken feeling as you work towards the end of the row, yet you can see the yarn disappearing, with the last row being all DC stitches I felt I was in a race to the finish.

I currently have no way to measure it and given it now needs blocking, that will have to wait until next week. You can take a guess here at its pre blocked size.

I’m pleased I completed the shawl within the two weeks. There were the odd rip backs now and then, but I wanted this to be perfect. Or as close as possible for handmade.

I’ve never timed my work but I know I spent at least 2 hours per day, mostly in the morning when it’s just me and the dog up and about. Or in between being outside exploring and inside having a break. Overall, that probably works out to 28 to 35 hours. I’m not a fast crocheter, but I don’t think I am slow either.

Well, that’s that for now. A short post this Friday. I’m off to try and reorganise the suitcase ready for departure tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.

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