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Crochet Shawl Update

Since last posting I am on to the edging. I’ve been looking at the yarn I have left and thinking whether I could get more from it, but I can’t. Certainly not another repeat anyway.

This is before the completion of the last two repeats.

I’m now onto the last row, although thinking whether to leave it until tomorrow morning. Just to extend the activity. In the meantime, I might see how I can modify the edging, or I might use up the remainder adding an edge to the top to tidy it up.

9 thoughts on “Crochet Shawl Update

  1. Beautifully made. Difficulty knowing when yarn will run out is a problem with those yarns isn’t it. I have made one garment and have another couple in mind but wondering what to do if it runs out at the wrong place.


  2. That looks great! When I’m coming to the end I weigh the yarn to see how much a row takes then I can sort of guesstimate from there. A bit hard on holiday though I suppose.

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