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Friday Roundup #33-20

It’s true that the first week back after holidays is always the hardest. And why does it seem like five days are so much longer than they are? This weekend feel like it has taken forever to arrive. At least it is here now and the humidity and stuffy air has gone too. We didn’t… Continue reading Friday Roundup #33-20


Friday Roundup #1

As you know I have been working on a never ending granny square blanket.  Progress is going well, although each round inevitably takes longer to complete than the last.  And for each round, the yarn balls shrink more and faster.  I think I worked it out that each cluster used about 12 cms of yarn,… Continue reading Friday Roundup #1

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Lovely Packages Arrive

After being away in work for the past two days, it’s nice to be back home.  And what could be better than getting lots of lovely things arrive all in one day. First, work have replaced my workhorse of an iPhone.  Whilst it is not a big upgrade, I am grateful as the old one… Continue reading Lovely Packages Arrive