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Lovely Packages Arrive

After being away in work for the past two days, it’s nice to be back home.  And what could be better than getting lots of lovely things arrive all in one day.

First, work have replaced my workhorse of an iPhone.  Whilst it is not a big upgrade, I am grateful as the old one has been hard at work for the past 3 years and rarely gets downtime.  And this one has 32Gb of memory, so I can squeeze more pictures and music on there.


As you know, I am into my softer, older technologies of yarn work, but I do love a nice shiny piece of modern technology, that will allow me take take more snaps of beautiful things when out and about.

Images of colour and form from nature that help to inspire what we do.  Or even when out shopping and you see a piece of homeware or clothing that has a pattern or mix of colours that you think is just what you were looking for.  A perfect example are the below snaps I took when out shopping last weekend; I admit that I am not ashamed to plagiarise when it comes to colour mixing or design concept.

Anyway, on to number two of lovely things and getting back on the topic of yarn!  Both my orders arrived today.  Yes, I am sure you are thinking, ‘Didn’t he just write about having too much yarn in stash?’.  It’s true, I did, but as you know I am working on a Never-ending Granny Square blanket which I decided to make larger (read more here) and I needed to order some more yarn for it.

So, the lovely Sirdar Snuggly has arrived, so I can now get back to working on my blanket.

FDCF442C-408D-4388-A5D5-5059E53733A3Aren’t they a lovely mix of greens? A total of 15 balls which should get me to a double bed size blanket, if my calculations were correct.  Let’s wait and see.

My other yarn package is from Manos del Uruguay via Knit with Attitude.  I saw and felt the yarn at a yarn store in Devon and loved the softness of it.  But I hesitated buying as I thought, I have plenty of yarn and what would I make?


Afterwards, I thought that it would make a lovely, simple shawl, woven on my rigid heddle.  The mix of 60% Baby Alpaca and 40% Pima Cotton makes it perfect and should give the shawl a lovely drape.  The colour is not the pale lilac I saw, but it’s still a lovely colour that should go with most outfits.

Manos del Uruguay are a non-profit organisation with Fair Trade status, supporting craft women in rural Uruguay.  Knit with attitude is a small independent yarn shop based in Stoke Newington, London and specialise in ethical and sustainable yarn for hand knitting and crochet.  I will definitely be getting back on their site and if in London sometime soon, try and visit their store.

My last lovely package was the arrival, at last, of my new slippers from mahabis.  I have wanted a pair for a while now and finally they were doing a deal I could not resist.  The pair I ordered though were a little on the tight side, so went back for an exchange.  They are lovely to wear and the hard wearing clip on soles make for going outside ideal.  They arrived beautifully packaged and I am looking forward to wearing these.

That’s all my lovely things, all arriving the same day.

I am a happy chappy! 🙂


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