Never-ending Granny Square

Decision made…

You will see from a previous blog post that I was undecided about what to crochet and which yarn to use on my little long weekend trip to Devon.  My last thought had been to do a granny square and use up some remaining Sirdar Snuggly DK from a previous baby blanket.  When I went rummaging through my stash though, I re-discovered some new Snuggly DK that I had purchased to do exactly this.  Happy Days!6B514D2B-AFBE-4E35-BFD9-D10ABF3127A7

All packed, off we headed to Devon.  Only decision to be made now was the pattern.  The next day, out came my pencils and pad, and a bit of mulling.  I wanted to use these mix of greens in some form, whether it was to create an ombre effect or a simple granny stripe in the round.  My last sketch was of concentric squares, but in a continuous spiral.  An then I remembered that The Crochet Crowd had a video of a Never-ending Granny Square.

Finally found, I followed the instructions, but wanted to do four shades.  I quickly found that it wasn’t working, so frogged back to two colours and added a third only.


Here, I am using a size four hook as suggested by the yarn label.  It wasn’t until I took this photo of the work so far, that the never-ending element of the pattern stood out.   Partly down to the shades used maybe.  But so far, so good.

The Sirdar Snuggly DK yarn is really lovely to work with.  It’s beautifully soft, with a lovely handle and hooks up a charm.  The range of colours is great as well with 50 shades, perfect for those baby items.  If you haven’t used it yet, it is worth picking up some if you are planning anything baby for your next project.

As the square has grown, the wonky line has become less obvious and I hope to remove it when wet finishing.  Now back home and coming to the end of the yarn, I love the colours and after some deliberation I decided I wanted to continue to make it larger.  I had given as a present a voucher for a home made blanket to my mother in-law.  She had said I could pick the shade/colours etc, so I thought that this was turning out to be really nice and I would make it for her.

DAA84387-992D-4C82-929C-6CC854BC32A7After some counting of double crochet clusters, measuring of yarn used for each and some maths in Excel I worked out how much yarn I need for one colour.  I wouldn’t say it’s very scientific, it got me to a size of blanket I would be happy with and roughly how much yarn I needed.

Normally, I would think ahead and order all yarn I need at the start, but then I wasn’t planning on going large.

I found the number of balls needed and whilst it is unlikely to be the same lot, I am hoping any colour variation will be minimal.  The finished size should be enough to fit a 120cm bed, so this is going to take a little longer than the weekend that was planned.

The optical illusion that’s coming through reminds me of the doodle I used to do which was of sequential squares inside each other but off centre to each other.  So it looked like a long spiralling tunnel.

I’ll post pictures now and then of my progress with this blanket as it is going to be a pick up and put down project, as I have a loom waiting to be warped.

Have a great week.





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