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Walking the cliffs to Start Point

Saturday brought glorious weather, bright and sunny, for our walk and a chance to put some of the gear to use and to wear in the new boots.  It’s the first of many walks to get in shape for the summer walking holiday.  This was just a short walk of about 5 miles. Ahead of us, the cliffs were hazy with cloud, but behind was blue skies.

Starting at Beesands, we started our trek up the cliff path following signs for the Coastal Path and Start Point with it’s lighthouse. The blues and greens of the sea to our left and greens of grass, bracken and trees to our right.


It was a tale of two weather situations, with misty haze ahead but looking back, we are treated to a stunning view along the coast as far as the end of Torcross beach, bathed in sunshine.


A lone kayaker, enjoys a leisurely trip along the cliffs and bays; beaches only available by boat.  The green foliage around, interspersed with bright pops of purple from the foxgloves.


The lighthouse in the distance draws us on, the skies clearing and becoming brighter as we progressed.


A brief stop to learn more about the devastation of old Hallsands village in 1917 due to a terrible storm and previous dredging of gravel from the seabed.


Amazing no lives were lost. This area still suffers badly from occasional storms.  The road at Torcross has been washed away again this March.  The picture below shows what little remains of the old village.


A tunnel formed by trees bent by the prevailing winds, provides a brief respite from the sun with the cooling shade.


Almost there and took this final panarama.


Now my legs ache, but looking forward to the next walk.

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