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As I write this I am sat in a departure hall waiting for a delayed flight.  And with nothing to crochet with me, I guess writing a blog post is better than nothing.  The topic, WIPs or work in progress, how many do we have and why.

Why do we do it?  Thankfully, I only have two on the go at the moment, but I have had more.  If I include one I started briefly then it’s three, but that one is about to be frogged.

Sure, I’ll get round to completing them, but why don’t I just get one done before starting another?

Often there is the situation that you see a pattern online or in a magazine that you really like, and just have to create, regardless of what you are currently working on.  There have been times, when I don’t even have the yarn in stash and actually go out and buy new.  A degree of self control is needed I think.

Othertimes, I have started one project only to get so far in and need to do something else.  This usually happens when it’s a large piece of work such as a blanket or something that has a complex stitch pattern.

The first project on hold is a patchwork intarsia that I mentioned before.  That has probably been on hold for 5 months now.  As the yarn is chunky, it’s more a autumn/winter project.  So, I guess that is another reason for having more than one WIP.  Seasonality.  Since that one has been on hold I have made about u other projects.  Plus, I got into weaving.


And that probably falls into another potential reason; mood.  Am I in the mood to focus on that project just now.  And distraction, something else catches our eye and consumes our time.

Finally, one other that I can think of is, falling out of love with the project you are working on.  The guess ‘frogging’ a project, something you might have spent a few hours on, is hard to do.  It’s easier to put it to one side and think ‘I’ll come back to that later.’

Does anyone else have other reasons for why they have multiple WIPs?  I would love to here how many and some reasons why.  I am sure I a not the only one.


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