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Flower Power

The garden is getting into full swing now and colour popping up everywhere.  My favourite rose has come into flower; Rosa Gertrude Jekyll.  It has fabulous full blooms that fade through to a softer pink, but the best part by far is the wonderful heady scent.


The rose on the right is a lovely rose, with blooms of creamy-white, fading through to a soft yellow hue in the centre, just like an ombre yarn.  The scent is not as strong as the other rose, being much more delicate and subtle, but nice and fresh.  It’s called Rosa Vanessa Bell.

Clematis are in their element at the moment, and this one, I forget the name, has beautiful large flowers of a lovely velvety purple/maroon hue.  An ombre yarn going from a white shade, through green to maroon and purple would be lovely.


The flower on the right is from a climber that does need some support, Solanum ‘Glasnevin’.  A member of the same family as tomatoes and potatoes.  The bright yellow eye of stamens at the centre really pops against the starry purple coloured petals.

Moving back through to pink shades, the Deutzia (on the left) is a great plant if you want something smothered in flowers; great for attracting bees.  The Oriental Poppy on the right, whilst the flowers can be short-lived, are a great showy bloom to add into the border and can be followed by large decorative poppy seed heads.  The colour combination is a great example of colours from completely different ends of the spectrum working together.


I hope you like the pictures and hope that your gardens are also bursting with colour and inspiration too.


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