Going to Warp

I’ve got the early summer holidays out of the way and now ready to warp up the loom and set to weaving again.

I have a couple of projects in mind, but I am keen to try out the Manos del Uruguay yarn that I recently purchased, and turn it into a lovely soft scarf for late summer/early autumn wear.  All being well, I should end up with an 8” wide scarf by about 75” but I have not yet settled on the fringe and what that will look like.

This yarn is lovely and soft, being made from baby alpaca and Pima cotton and should have a great drape making it ideal for most outfits.  The colour I am using is called Tide and as this is being made for the owner of my favourite restaurant near the coast in Devon, who unfortunately has decided to sell, I think it is appropriately named.  I’ll miss her wonderful welcomes and great food; a mix of tapas from around the Mediterranean area.


If my Warp & Weft calculator is correct, then I should have enough yarn from the three skeins.  This needs to be a balanced weave so, I must try and avoid beating it too hard with the heddle, to maintain the sett within the inch.  I have used a 10 dent heddle and warped up 104 ends.

At this point I have used one skein of the yarn just to warp up, so I should be ok with the remaining for the weft.  Now it is on the loom, I can see the slight variations in the dye giving a mix of light through to a darker green/blue shade.  Hopefully I shall end up with some subtle changes across the scarf.

I’ll keep updating the site with posts on how this is progressing.  If I get a good weekend of focus on this, I could be done before Monday.


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