Friday Roundup #1

As you know I have been working on a never ending granny square blanket.  Progress is going well, although each round inevitably takes longer to complete than the last.  And for each round, the yarn balls shrink more and faster.  I think I worked it out that each cluster used about 12 cms of yarn, so divide that into the metres per ball and that is the total number of granny clusters I can get, give or take for the extra chain in the corner and the head and tail of the yarn.  so, that is about 1400 stitches Per line

At the moment, the work is about quarter of the way there and I have 3 balls of each colour remaining.  I am pleased with how it is coming together and the never ending element is making an interesting optical illusion; is the centre going away from me, or coming towards me.


Still very much a work in progress and one that is nice and easy to pick up and put down as I feel like.

On to other project news, I am excited though to be pattern testing for Jo from Jo-Creates, on her latest shawl design.  You can see the finished article she has designed here.  I’ll be visiting my local yarn store this weekend to see what yarn options are available to me for the project.

Jo has used Fyberspates Vivacious.  It’s a 100% Merino 4 ply, so I’ll be looking for something along those lines to keep the project on the right tracks.

I do have some 4 ply Merino in stash that I purchased a Wonderwool Wales, but just not enough.

Lastly, I just had to share this image with you.  Our Hydrangea in the front garden.  I neglected to prune it this spring so I have loads of smaller flower clusters.  But the pastel colour range is absolutely lovely.


And this is the yarn from my Vintage Hydrangeas Paintbox pack.


Take care for now.


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