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Friday Roundup #34-20

Another week, another dollar. Tonight I noticed, really for the first time, the nights drawing in. Not that I mind it too much. I have to admit I like to see welcoming lights in a house and as we get closer to Christmas, all the twinkling lights on trees, glimpsed through the windows. However, we… Continue reading Friday Roundup #34-20

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Friday Roundup #33-20

It’s true that the first week back after holidays is always the hardest. And why does it seem like five days are so much longer than they are? This weekend feel like it has taken forever to arrive. At least it is here now and the humidity and stuffy air has gone too. We didn’t… Continue reading Friday Roundup #33-20

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Friday Roundup #17-20

And another week flies by. Five weeks in to social distancing and travel restrictions. Thankfully, the weather is kind, glorious blue skies and we are able to walk along our country lanes. I feel for those that may live in crowded cities, apartments or unable to get out due to needing to isolate. Another shopping… Continue reading Friday Roundup #17-20

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WIP Wednesday

Ok, so this is another whoops or more like FFS! So there I am, cracking on with the next section of the blanket. Remember, this is after ripping back 25 rows, crochet back to start the next section, then realising I went wrong (again) and ripping back the border. Then redoing the border and the… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

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Friday Roundup #16-20

It has been an odd week. I am now off each Thursday for the duration of the pandemic, may it soon end. However, being off a day, up then back in for one day before the weekend is really strange. I still did some work, but hey, it’s what we do to make sure things… Continue reading Friday Roundup #16-20