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WIP Wednesday

Ok, so this is another whoops or more like FFS!

So there I am, cracking on with the next section of the blanket. Remember, this is after ripping back 25 rows, crochet back to start the next section, then realising I went wrong (again) and ripping back the border. Then redoing the border and the next few rows of the new section and realising the lines either side of the border were not matching up. On checking and counting stitches, I saw I missed out two long stitches on one end before the border. Ripping back again. 😦

You still with me?

Now I am on the next section and I was thinking I am doing well. I start shaping the curve and … Bang! FFS! One of the ovals didn’t have the right number of Front Posts.

I counted back and fore on the row just after the border and then before the border. It was the same issue.

You probably know that feeling. You sit there thinking “How the f**k have I missed this?” So I am looking out to see where it went wrong. And I find it waaaaayyyy back around row 12. Great! Seems that I skipped a post and didn’t even notice through the rest of the work.

It’s that feeling when you want to cradle your head in your hands and cry. Or bang your head against a wall. Or throw the work out the window.

Anyway, I may be brave and rip out 25 rows, but I am not ripping back about 50! I just need to live with it. This isn’t a gift for anyone, so that’s ok.

This picture is a good section.

The annoying thing is… this pattern is not difficult. Sure, there are parts, usually at the start or end, that I need to read a couple of times. But that’s to try and make sure it comes out right. Laughable, I know, because it’s tripped me up a couple of times.

It’s my day off tomorrow, so ideally I want to get one of the repeats complete, barring any further mishaps.

A question for you all – have you had a piece of work that could have:

  • Chucked in a corner in frustration
  • Buried in the deepest, darkest part of your stash bin
  • Ripped apart to remove all evidence of failure
  • Turned to the drink to see you through to the bitter end

As they used to say on television, answers on a postcode. 🙂 Or in this modern, digital world, in the comments section.

Happy crafting and stay safe.

8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I’ve had projects that I have thrown in a corner in frustration. Eventually I dug them out again, but not for a day or two.
    I had a blanket on the needles for six years that I messed up and didn’t have the motivation to tear out. Eventually I frogged it, but it was in my stash bin for a long time.
    I’ve frogged a cowl and never spoken of it again (until now).
    And I’ve had many a project that drove me to drink. One sip of wine at the end of each row. It helps. Unless you have a project with only 10 or 20 stitches on the needles.

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  2. Oh bless! It’s such a beautiful effect too. Could you put in stitch markers to remind you where the awkward bits will be coming up?
    I can’t say I have ones left from complicated but I think I have a couple left from boredom, which I suppose is the opposite.

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  3. Can you fudge it by adding in the missing stitches?. I’ve done things like this. Even cutting yarn adding in missing bit and sewing in ends. Recent blankets all have some sort of mistake still in even if only where I have pretended one chain was two. Only abandoned in frustration project were some socks in a dark fluffy wool where I kept dropping stitches ( knitted of course) and wool was hard to undo and of course see in the evenings.


  4. My wavy jumper is currently “that project” it is buried at the bottom of my projects basket and I need a glass of wine everytime I think about it! Although at this point in time it might be a bit early – what would the neighbours say 😂

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