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Friday Roundup #24-20

So, as of Wednesday just gone I am on furlough for a few weeks until the end of the month. At the moment it feels like a short break, but no doubt I’ll feel different next week. I might still get called back in, so you never know.

As a result, I am making the most of things and trying to get on with some crafting. I finished the scarf, although I just need to make some final touches before I photograph it properly. Here is a couple of photos. These are on my IG feed, so you may have seen them there already or on the feed here. I am surprised, at myself, that I didn’t mention this last Friday. Which is odd.

Especially so, because I ordered two extra shuttles which came with the wavy one, that I did mention.

This was just after removal from the loom and before the soak.

The loom didn’t stay empty for long and I loaded it up with fresh warp and started on some honeycomb. I am hoping it comes out better after a wash and the weft and warp relax.

The plan is to turn this into cushion covers. One in honeycomb, the other in a plain weave. Debating my colour choices for the next one though. I’m 50:50 at the moment on whether to keep the two yarn colours or go with just the dark green tweed. What do you think? The colour is not great from the picture.

Onto Other Things

I’ve taken a few pictures since last week’s round-up. Here is a selection.

Isn’t this beautiful?
What you lookin at?
I like these covered wooded paths.

So often, when people go out walking they always look ahead and up, not down. At our feet, if we don’t look, we can miss out on some little gems of flowers. Here are a few.

Wishing you all well for the weekend. Stay safe.

6 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #24-20

  1. Like the photographs: all things I like to look at too. I have a special fondness for sheep. When I was a child and we visited my grandparents the sheep would come off the mountain and run down the street outside my bedroom window.

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