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Cheers! To the humble Elderflower

Sunday, and the weather was much improved, so I headed out mid morning to collect some flower heads of Elderflower before the season was over.

Day 1

I managed around 30 heads of varying sizes and with the recipe calling for 20, I figured I should be fine.

The scent from the flowers, and the drink, is the epitome of summer. Sunny days relaxing in garden chairs, as bees buzz amongst flowers, and birds chirp and sing in the trees.

I’ve used a recipe from the BBC Good Food website. After I made the batch, I read some comments that suggest there is too much sugar and citric acid. It can be a challenge with comments on recipes. Everyone has a different taste and preference. However, I do feel I should have gone with my gut, when I thought the citric acid seemed like a lot.

If you look on the web there are so many different recipes, sometimes you just have to plump for one and go with it.

Through Day 1, the flowers and lemons steeped in the hot syrup, slowly cooling. It’s smells sweet and lemony. We’ve to wait 24 hours before we can decant it to sterilised bottles.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. We drink Elderflower cordial year round, so I know this is going to be different to the brand we generally use.

Day 2

Late yesterday after I finished work, we drained the lemon and flowers through a clean tea towel and colander. The resulting liquid was slightly syrupy as you would expect and lightly golden. I did have to use a bit of Golden Caster Sugar for the required amount, but I don’t know if it was just that.

We had two Bottlegreen bottles which we sterilised and filled. But there was still more. I rummaged in a box in the garage for some more and found three which I quickly washed and sterilised in the oven. There was a little leftover after filling those so that has gone into a plastic bottle and will be used first. 

Two of the five bottles of cordial we made.

I knew it wouldn’t taste exactly the same but it’s not too different. I would probably reduce the citric acid a touch if I make more. And it is a high sugar content which could be offset with one of the sugar alternative syrups. 

I would love to try this again with the pink flowered Elder. That would be interesting. Or throw in a couple of strawberries or raspberries to add a pink tinge. 

A success at the end and we have 5 bottles of varying sizes of Elderflower Cordial. Well worth trying if you have access to fresh Elderflowers next year.

2 thoughts on “Cheers! To the humble Elderflower

  1. I made a batch last year which was lovely but a couple of the bottles started to go mouldy – not sure what happened there as we’re normally up with the sterilising and stuff.

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