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Friday Roundup #23-20

Beautiful! From my garden.

Sorry, but I can’t resist this.

Remind you of a song?

Anyway, enough frivolities. Another week gone by in a flash. This weather has been quite changeable. We were about to go out for a walk tonight, but I hadn’t quite finished work. Ten minutes later and it was hammering down. Just as well I hadn’t finished else we would have been soaked through,

New arrivals

This last week has seen a few things arrive. Firstly, my sewing machine turned up on Wednesday. It is one from Hobbycraft with 18 stitch types and button hole. Most of them are a mystery to me, but we shall explore.

As Thursday was my day off, I got set up on the dining table and got cracking. You know me, never try anything small, but to be fair I have used a machine a long time ago. I dug out an old T-Shirt and a shirt that is too small now. I figured I could make a bag. It’s just a rectangle, right? What could go wrong?

I cut the back and front out of both items. The T-Shirt I decided would be the inner. But first I sewed the button section together. Then cut all four pieces to size. Of course I went about things the wrong way, with a couple of ‘Oops!’ moments.

I’m quite pleased even if it’s not put together in the right order.

The handles I made from the short sleeve cuffs. The hemming around the top is not great, but it was only at the end that I thought about it; rookie mistake.

I’ll probably use it for holding a project with lots of yarn.

The plan with the sewing machine is to extend what I can make with weaving. It will be a change from scarfs and shawls and table runners. and we shall see where else it takes me.


My weaving progresses, although I won’t bore you with another picture of the same. Being plain weave, not a lot of changes that you could see. I think I am halfway through. This is mainly because my extra shuttles arrived Thursday morning. It was a pain only adding enough yarn for two colours at a time. Now I have four shuttles I am rocking through it.

I also ordered a wavy shuttle. This lets you create waves in the weaving which I find interesting, particularly with the right colours, I think.

The shuttle has two wave forms, so you can have a wider type or more narrow. But as you weave and beat the weft, you can change the placement of the wave to create multiple effects.

I’m looking forward to giving it a go soon.

Well it looks like it will be a wet weekend, so I shall have plenty of time to weave and maybe sew.

Although, I need to pop out in the morning to pick some elder flowers because the citric acid arrived for us to make Elderflower Cordial. Plus, I would be in trouble if I didn’t make anything.

Take care, catch up soon.

8 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #23-20

  1. Well done for persevering with the bag. Now did you actually ‘bag’ it so no seams on the inside? I’m sure you’ll make great use of the machine. Love that wavy shuttle! Just want one ‘coz it’s nice! I don’t weave 🙄 That Katie I follow weaves belts to match her creations and they look fab. Such a useful item too. and as for the buckles! Some amazing ones out there. Might give you some more ideas and great for gifts too.

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    1. Umm, that would be a Nope 😆 didn’t think about that. But then, I wasn’t following a pattern. The next bag will be proper. I know what you mean about the shuttle, I could easily just use as an ornament. Thanks for the tip on the follow, I shall check out her blog. I’ve seen some wash bags on Instagram that I like and I already have something I wove a while back that is languishing in a drawer.

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