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Friday Roundup #27-20

It’s hard to believe that this is Friday #27, and the start of the second half of the year. Where did that time go?

This past week has been rather mixed, as I went back to work on Wednesday, but only for two days. It was nice though to catch up with people and have something to focus on. Of course, this is all remote working still, but that’s more or less what I did before this whole COVID-19 situation.

As a result, making things has been slow. Going forward I am working 2.5 days and my colleague is working 1.5 days per week. Then I am off for two weeks at the end of July.

On to what I have been doing…


I had ordered the replacement leather and that arrived from The Netherlands yesterday. So, with me being off today, I got started on separating the leather from each sole. I did start off with pulling the thread back through, but in the end I simply used a scalpel and cut the stitches from the inside. It’s was much quicker and I had no need to use the thread again, as I purchased some more.

Unfortunately, I was so intent on getting this completed I forgot to take any pictures. Once that was completed, I traced the correctly sized patterns, cut the leather, made stitch and lace holes , added eyelets and got to stitching.

I videoed me stitching one sneaker and it took me just shy of 30 minutes. So, it you sit down and stay focused, you can make these in 2 hours.

Pictures will be coming next week once laces arrive. I’ve purchased a selection of different colours, thicknesses and lengths. One is white with rose gold tips, which might be nice and subtle. But there are also some brighter ones such as hot pink and royal blue. More to follow on this. 🙂

Leftover Leather

I mentioned about looking to see what I can make with the bits of leather remaining. I found a Youtube video that covered a few little things, one being a plaited bracelet. I decided to have a play and produced these testers. They are not the right size, and my cutting could be better, but I don’t have all the necessary tools.

The holes at either end would be for a snap or popper closure

It is easier than it looks with a simple method of plaiting and untangling in four steps, repeated down the length.

I have purchased some poppers, one in a Celtic knit motif and the other a floral motif. They would fit the larger size. I’m going to look into small coin purses and possibly use the poppers for that too.

I also picked up some offcuts of thin leather for about £10. This will give me a bit more choice in what I could do and help with practice.

Some are folded over, so not bad for a tenner.


I have a few blooms in the garden in the yellow shade at the moment.

I love my roses, and this one you have seen before. But the jasmine is a new one in flower, with a sweet perfume. It’s the most flowers I have had so far. It’s called Jasmine Clotted Cream.

Fused Glass

The place I go to for the glass workshops have started back up again. Glass by Design is the name. They have been busy kitting out the shop with individual Perspex space or cubicles, and maintaining strict social distance of 2 meters among other things such as temperature checks.

I’ve booked to go this Sunday, so I am really excited. It’s a bit of normality for a day. I’ve been combing through past pictures to see if any might make suitable inspiration.

I’ll provide you with an update later this weekend.

Lastly, FO Update

I finished the blanket. Last weekend I wove the second panel fairly quickly and then stitched them together. There was some jigging going on as the tension wasn’t quite the same. Plus I had this unfortunate doubled blue line down the middle, where it should really just be two. My error in warping the loom and not thinking ahead.

Zoom in and you can see it.
Here it is sewn together. Looks good scrunched up.
It’s not going to win any awards 🙂 but it’s fine.

I plan to blanket stitch the sides as I am concerned the weft ends will work loose.

And so, currently nothing in the loom, although I have had the swift out today to ball up the yarn I picked up last week. It might get used this weekend or next week.

That’s all for now. I hope you all have a good weekend, and stay well and safe.

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