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New weaving

This has been ready to have the heddles threaded for about 3 days. I made a mess first time as my threading draft I did wrong. I missed out one small section and ended up at the other side with too many warp threads when I should have had none left.

Work was busy and I have learnt not to thread a complex draft late in the day. Always goes wrong.

Went with the dark blue. I think it’s called Royal Indigo.
This was an error at the initial warp stage. That thread should be round the stick, not the tie.

Anyway, back to the loom. I thought to myself this morning, get the heddles threaded before work. Great! Then later on, it was heading towards 6 pm and I thought, enough work today, so I headed to the loom. And got it tied to the warp stick and started.

I needed to do one repeat, to at least ensure it was threaded correctly. Happy days, it is.

Scrunch your eyes a little and you see the pattern better.

I’m looking forward to getting more added on Thursday, so I can see a larger section of repeats.

Stay tuned!

Oh, I also received some bulbs/roots for the garden today. I ordered online and purchased some Hedychium or Ginger. Anyway, I was expecting some root cuttings that would fit in my hand. Look at this!


It’s huge! The species is Hedychium gardnerianum and clearly I wasn’t reading when I added them to my basket. It’s a pack of three as well. 😆

Anyway, it’s can get to 2.4 metres in height. It has to grow in a tub and I need to cut the flower heads before it seeds. Seems it’s in the top 15 invasive weeds in a couple of countries. I wanted tropical!

But it does have an RHS Award of Merit, so I think I’m ok. I just need to buy a tub or three big enough to start them off.

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