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And done!

After breakfast this morning (strawberries, blueberries and a bit of honey, plus a hot cross bun and tea) I started in the fringe.

Thankfully, I can whizz through them with my Ashford Fringe Twister which does two at a time. Then, off it went for a soak and wash. I do replicate a washing machine action at times, chucking it about, just to get the weft and warp threads moving a little to their final position.

Squeezed between two towels, a short burst for a bit in the tumble dryer, then a final dry on the line in the sun.

And here it is.

I’m really quite pleased with this. It’s fulled nicely although I could probably do a little more but it’s fine as is.

The colours are Silver Birch and Moss Stone and I love them together. I commented elsewhere that it’s a combination that reminds me of the deep green of leaves in late summer, just like a Silver Birch,

The great thing is, the colours and the pattern make it great for men or women.

Plus, the mercerised cotton gives it a subtle sheen and it’s very soft. Really comfortable to wear. I reckon it would work all year simply from changing how it’s worn. More open as in the first or fully wrapped in the one above. It would provide just enough warmth without overheating.

I love it. So tempting not to sell it. If it doesn’t sell, I won’t be disappointed 😉.

So far, I’ve used the three in the middle. Any suggestions for the next colour combo? There is only sufficient Silver Birch for accent now in warp and weft. But plenty of the others for scarves. I’ll be interested to see what you think.

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