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And done! Scarf complete.

I set the featured image as the warp colour reminder of the start fir this scarf. Here it is coming off the loom.

Those two lines will close up

They come from me skipping a slot when I probably shouldn’t have. Sometimes you have to when doing 4 shaft on a rigid heddle. You are looking to only have two threads per slot to keep it clean when moving the heddles. It’s something I am working on improving.

It’s all twisted fringed and wash and dried. And this is the first picture in morning indirect light. I need to wait until later I think to take more.

I love it.

In other news, our little dog celebrated her 17th this weekend. It’s actually on Wednesday, but we celebrated earlier.

She had a roast chicken dinner.

She got a new cosy bed and a new mat for under her food and water bowls. That’s the old one in the floor.

Because she is getting on in life, she sometimes have overnight accidents, and so her new bed is in the wash! 😆

Anyway, more scarf pics to follow.

Edit: now with pictures.

There is a slight reverse pattern going on. The right is front, left reverse.
The side lighting is not helping really. But it’s a north facing window.

I really like how this has come out. The colours are great together. Royal Indigo and Silver Cloud. I think I’ll need to retake them, sunlight permitting.

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