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New on the loom

It’s hard to believe that it’s been six days since my last post. This weekend was a busy one. The other half and I went looking for a new car. We put together the new dining table (which ways a tonne). Oh, and I warped the loom again.

I’ve gone with the brown colour yarn, cotton again. This one is called Madder Brown. I was a little unsure when adding the warp to the loom, but I persevered.

I took my time threading the heddles. I really wanted this to weave up without wide gaps in the warp. They do wash out as the weft and warp find their home. But it’s good to minimise that at the start.

I’m pleased to say that it worked out. Once I de-threaded the second repeat and seven of the first. My initial threading diagram, I added an extra block of threads. Tsk!

Then it was set to weave.

I love the pattern. It’s a short repeat of 14 picks, so it’s fairly quick.

It’s also easy to get sidetracked in your thoughts and go wrong as I have found out. Suddenly, I’ve moved to larger diamonds which has meant unpicking back to where it went wrong. Twice! At least you see the error quite quickly.

I’ve gone with the Ink Blue weft (used in the warp for the previous scarf, erroneously I called it Royal Indigo) and I’m using the three blue colours I have. I’m now not the second section in Dark Teal.

The last section will be the Mediterranean Blue. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my lengths work out right. Each section should be 19.5 inches after washing and so I’ve added a little extra to account for the tension and wash. Of course, you know I’ll be out 😂 Hopefully evenly out.

I asked on IG what people thought regards single weft colour or three. It was late and I posted this below. The two options were Simply Single or Ménage à Trois. Clearly not thinking of the definition of the second option, or that both answers could be considered a question of preference of a certain type of relationship.

Oh well. Everyone likes the second option. Make of that what you will.

As to the table.

Statement piece

The top is a composite wood and heavy. The legs are metal. It’s clearly not designed to be moved given the weight. I told the other half we ain’t moving for at least 10 years.

Now I’m concerned it will dent the floor, and I am tempted to add a small rectangular rug. It also extends at both ends by sliding out a frame underneath that houses the leaves that fold out. Just need to sort out the chairs now.

6 thoughts on “New on the loom

  1. Gorgeous table, congratulations! It does look solid and proud, but then heavy, and personally I would add a rug, but more importantly and some foot protector too that would spread the weight a bit, as now it looks concentrated in one spot, which might pierce the rug. You also risk that the weight on such a narrow spot might put undue pressure on your slats and make the one carrying the weight come loose. With the right feet you might also do away with the rug and showcase your handsome floors – if you look at those for pianos you should get something that also looks nice and won’t clash with the look of the legs. It is a handsome table!

    I really really like your scarf, those blues are very elegant with the brown (though my absolute favourite is the combo with the Mediterranean blue, if it is the one you have at the very beginning!)

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