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Diamond Scarf

Here we are.

All done and off the loom. It’s even been washed and fringed.

I am captivated by the bronze of the Madder Brown
You can see the three colours better on this than the others.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I had two little skips. One right at the end.

One warp didn’t get caught at all. Easily threaded back in.

The other was at the other end at the start. Early on one warp didn’t get picked up, or it did but in the wrong shed. Also fixed by weaving a replacement into the pattern. It’s a fairly typical fix and no different to how you change colours in the weft as you weave. There is no knotting. The weft warn is held in place by everything else, particularly once washed.

I have really enjoyed making these four shaft on a rigid heddle loom. From designing the draft in the iWeaveIt app, to warping the loom, weaving, cutting and finishing. If you told me two years or so ago that I would be able to make something like this, I wouldn’t have believed you. But here we are.

That sense of achievement whenever we finish a project never fades. To make something that someone will enjoy wearing and that it’s unique to them because of the colours you chose or the pattern you picked and the love put into its creation keeps me going, as I am sure it does for all you amazing makers.

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