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This past week, work has simply gotten in the way of crafting. I had to take a trip out for work. Once in the previous week in the car, but this past week I took the train. I’ve not done that for about 15 months. All was fine, not very busy and all masked up with disinfectant cloths for the table. I wasn’t taken chances 😆

So, not a lot happened in the weaving world, although I had every intention as I had added warp to the loom. However, seems I warped up wrong and instead of a finer set (I using to heddles to give a finer cloth) I ended up with about 2 inches as it should and the rest as what the single set of 12.5 would be.

No picture to share though as I decided I preferred the look of the single set. Ha! So I just need to drop a heddle and rethread to make it less time consuming.

I’ll post a picture in this weekend.

But this weekend it has been an online market mainly for Father’s Day gift buying but just as gifts for anyone too. We shall see if anything sells. Challenging for me as much of what I have are scarves. But some are cotton so equally wearable in the summer.

To support this market I created an Reel on Instagram (hence the title spelling). I used Google Photos to stitch them into a stop motion animation.

I set my phone in it’s tripod on the new table and snapped away. I had fun, although this was, I think, the fourth attempt. Or the one I was most happy with.

It has music on IG.

I then made one of my little shop area set up for these markets.

I’m now thinking about others I could do, but the weather is just too nice to play indoors.

So, I’ll share a picture later maybe of the next weaving. If all goes to plan, I’ll be turning it into a lampshade using one of those kits you can buy. That’s me trying to diversify what I make.

I took this picture of the clouds here today. I love a bright blue sky and wisps of clouds.

Have a lovely Sunday.

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