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Into the blue

Here’s a picture of the current weaving. I simply love this variegated yarn. The warp is Lake Combo in an 8/2 cotton and the weft is Mixed Berry in the same weight cotton.

The combination is coming through well and I like the way it’s weaving up. I decided against doing some pick up pattern, just letting the colours do the work in plain weave.

The dark colour is actually green, but the phone is struggling to show it

I have a few Alliums coming up in the garden. The way the colour goes from a dark purple in bud to a lighter purple is lovely, and matches the picture above a little. shame about the concrete wall (due to be painted at some point) but is does show the colours nicely.

6 thoughts on “Into the blue

      1. Daisies certainly are but I have dandelions, although there was a piece on the radio the other day that said they are very good for bees, so perhaps I am doing my bit for the environment 🐝🐝🐝

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