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Friday Roundup #10-20

Isn’t this a cheerful sight to see? After all the gloom and storms, and more gloom in the news at the moment.

Lovely, cheerful and bright

The mornings are lighter too. And while we have a forecast for showers this weekend, at least it is not another named storm. I think we have had enough, so please stop sending them.

I finally made progress on my garter stitch blanket. I was so indecisive about a border or not. Different stitch sections or not. Then I thought should I do a cable type instead. My head was spinning. I frogged the last sample I showed and made another with an inset stockinette stitch border, but I didn’t like it.

Eventually, I forced myself to make a decision. Definitely garter stitch only and comprising three panels to make the width. I just needed to plan how I was going to introduce the variegated yarn.

This got frogged also.

Then, while watching a programme, I cannot remember which programme, I thought ‘Oh, that’s an idea!’. So I did some checking and planned things out.

And this is where I am up to at present. I am liking how it is turning out.

In the top right you can see some grey yarn next to the ball bands. These are off cuts. The variegated yarn sometimes has too much grey and for my plans, I can’t have that. Note the thin line of white and the next one up. These need to stand out more. So, I have cut out some longer sections and magic knotted them together.

I have also found I am crap at carrying yarn. It maybe I am not concentrating enough. I do it one way for a couple of rows, then a different way. It will hopefully be hidden in seaming. Plus, this blanket is for our house, so I can forgive some things.

Oh, and I’m keeping my plan to myself at the moment. It all could go hideously wrong. Some brainy people may spot it. But I am keeping shtum.

Here is a better picture. My Lovely wooden Knit Pro Symfonie 8mm arrived on Wednesday. The metal needles I was using were fine. But I kept dropping the needle or found the stitches slipping around too much. I find the Symfonie’s less slippy and have some grip but not overly so.

I forgot to share with you my yarn bowl I got for Christmas. This is the one that had been on my wish list for 2 years already. I had to tell someone to buy it!

It rings like a bell if you drop your needles against it.

Anyway, the blanket is lovely and squishy, as garter is. Not quite soft, but I think that will be fine once it has a wash and softener. This yarn would probably be good if you wanted to knit something and then felt it. So washing this needs to be gentle.

Oh, last Sunday it was mixed weather conditions so we went to St Athan Airplane Museum. Never knew it existed. But it’s great and I got to sit in an Air Force jet. It’s all inside and you can get right up close. Perfect for little kids… and big kids too. Here’s a pic.

So that’s all for this post. Have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Friday Roundup #10-20

  1. The blanket looks great. I love what you are doing to use both yarns. I am also crap at carrying yarn up the side of a project. That is an adorable yarn bowl. I’m sad you didn’t post a picture of you in the jet.

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