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Friday Roundup #11-20

This week, the blanket is coming on ok. I can only put about 5 to 10 rows in a day. I either don’t have time in the morning, or tired in the evening.

Last Sunday I was making steady progress when I realised something was not right. Sure enough, I had added an extra stitch at the end. Of course, it couldn’t have been in the last row. No, too easy. This turned out to be about 12 row back. I could see I had a really loose selvedge stitch there as well. 😦

Nothing for it but to rip back. But I needed to add a lifeline. So, not something I had done before, a quick look online and I was geared up, smaller needle and cable at the ready. I am glad it is chunky yarn. A thin yarn would have been awful for my first attempt.

Lifeline added, I switched the needles back to my 8mm then ripped back. Yay! It worked a treat. Back on track again. It’s a shame my knitting speed is so much slower than it took to rip!

The little pink marker is 70 ridges, so 140 rows. I might go to about double that. I think it might be enough by then. We shall see how I feel given I have to do another two panels.

You may recall I was knotting the new yarn to the old. Of course, the knots are not tiny and getting them to the back doesn’t always work out well. I then remember about spit splicing. This yarn is 100% animal fibre, so it met the criteria. Staci at Very Pink Knits has a good short tutorial on this. Has anyone else tried it before?

I gave it a go and it seemed to work fine except bits of fluff in my mouth. And it means no worrying about knots. Now I am looking at all the grey cut outs from the variegated balls. Could I splice all those? Thoughts? It’s got to be at least a ball per panel. I found my test splice from earlier in the week. It really is as strong as the original yarn.

I’ve used four grey and three variegated so far. So that is 14 balls per panel, if I double it. Which means I don’t have enough yarn. Guess, I’ll be shopping again.

It can be used in weaving, but better in the blanket.

It would save me some cash if I did splice them all. Maybe £10. Whooop, whoop! 🙂

That’s it really. I’ll try and get more knitted tomorrow and get to panel two later in the week.

Have a great weekend. Stay safe.

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