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Friday Roundup #12-20

So, it is starting to get really serious over here now. With pubs, restaurants, cafes and gyms closing by order of the government, to try and slow the rate of infection.

I finally managed to get some toilet rolls! By chance I had to take the dog to the vet for a repeat prescription, so I thought I would get a few bits from the shop. Low and behold, toilet rolls. Admittedly, not that many. So I grabbed a pack of nine for me and the same for my Mum. Still no fresh whole chicken though.

The problem with this panic buying that one have been sucked into, other than not leaving anything for others, is that some of what they have brought will go to waste. And items like whole chicken; some won’t even make stock from the carcass, for soup with the remaining small bits of meat, a few veg and some grains.

Sorry, I’ll get of my high horse now. I just get frustrated with the selfish mentality this pandemic is bringing out in people.

On to my cheerful things. My blanket is coming on. Almost finished the first panel. I had two nights off from it, so I am a little behind on things. Tomorrow morning I hope to be casting off. Just 18 rows to do, I think.

I have learnt a fair few things as I have knitted away.

  1. With 100% natural animal fibres, spit splice. You can see where I have knotted together in the first two big blocks. The rest of the joins are more seamless and blended.
  2. I am crap at remembering which way to twist, when carrying the yarn. Some are just wrapped once, some twice, some one way, then the other way. No consistency.
  3. I learnt how to add a reactive life line. Used it twice now.
  4. Read your knitting. I failed right at the start by not noticing the colour of early stripes fading into the rest of the grey.

I am enjoying this project. It is going to be fine, I think. Maybe not as wide as I might want, once the other two panels are done. But sufficient to wrap yourself in, or place across the end of the bed.

I may warp up the loom next weekend. I haven’t woven anything for a while. And I have it on a stand now, which means I won’t take up the dining room table. That is the weekend I would have been making some fused glass. But the courses are now postponed until later in the year.

But it is Mother’s Day here, on Sunday. Flowers ordered and delivered tomorrow. Card written. And I think she is getting this too, if I can find it.

So, for those mothers out there. I’m sorry Covid-19 has spoilt your weekend. But I hope your sons and daughters still find opportunity to brighten your day with love and thanks and maybe some flowers and gifts.

Take care. Stay safe and well. And keep crafting! 🙂

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