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If you are still there, thank you

The title of this post and the content is an apology for deserting you guys that had been following my posts, reading, commenting and being a great audience.

My apology is for leaving you all of a sudden and just focusing on Insta. I’ve always, or usually, spent time writing a post which takes more effort than a ‘wham, bam and done’ post on Instagram. It just felt easier, and I’d moved into a period of time where I felt I didn’t have the energy to write anything long. And I never wanted my blog posts to be short and sweet.

Although, you might sometimes disagree if you ended up with an essay! 😆

And now, I am so out of practice, I’m sitting here thinking what’s my next paragraph. I should add that I am currently sat in a lovely country Inn that I’ve been at for three days and I have a nice G&T. Ssshh! This might be my second but don’t tell anyone else.

I’m going to suggest that it’s helping my writing process, ha! However, it’s most likely my last one for a while as going on a diet and alcohol has to be one of the naughty delights of life that gets the chop for a while.

I guess it’s working as I’ve added to this post.

Where do I catch you up if you’ve not been on IG. So, you know we moved and much of 2021 was caught up making changes internally to the decoration. We also added a wood burning stove (ironically it’s been a fairly warm winter so it’s not had loads of use).

The internals of the house are practically done, all bar a light that needs to go up in the dining space. Now, for 2022, it’s all about the outside. We have a courtyard space where our front door is and it needs some beds built so I can create a little bit of Ile de Re in Wales. We have a mild climate so I’m confident I can do it with the plants I need. It won’t be as sunny though, but it does well enough through the summer with light in that area.

We also need to work in the back and get rid of some decking. We unfortunately had rats last year, which lived under it. So, that’s got to go and be replaced with a nice slabbed area with a pergola over it. The plan is for a hot tub. Let’s see if I can get that this year. It may be next. I have dreams!

Moving in from the house, we sadly said goodbye to our little dog. It was two years on almost from letting her mother go over rainbow bridge. That was hard but the right decision as at 17.5 years she outlasted her mum but was declining. Wow! Six months on and it’s still quite raw as I write this.

Such a cutie!

Moving on else I won’t finish this post. And I hope I’ve not pushed you lot over the edge with that last bit of news. I didn’t post it anywhere as I didn’t feel like sharing at the time.

Crafting was slow as I was focused on other things. I did start a big project for the summer holidays which, needless to say, didn’t get finished on holiday. Here it is…

Took me weeks with a number of ripping back to correct some errors.

It’s a size 12 (UK) if I remember correctly. although I should probably measure Stacey to check. (She needed a little padding though 😊)

This week I’ve been on an 8 shaft weaving workshop. My second and last day tomorrow. I purchased a new loom a few weeks back. An upgrade in both width and number of heddles. From two to eight.

A little video of it all put together.

I had completed the below proper houndstooth scarf on my rigid heddle using four heddles (always fun because it’s built for two) and I just thought that I can get more fund and opportunity to expand on the more intricate patterns I like, whilst increasing the width to 32 inches, or thereabouts. And if I get to double weave the that’s 64 inches wide of fabric.

I’ve got to cut about 8 inches from this because the width is wider at the start.

I’ll use the cut off piece in something. This is a proper houndstooth as you can see the little tails you get in the check. When you do houndstooth on a rigid heddle with just two heddles, it’s more colour and weave effect and doesn’t have the more pronounced tails.

You can see the difference here

For the eagle eyed, you may have spotted some quilt pieces on the video. It’s something I’ve been working on and really need to finish. All I have to do is the borders and quilt it.

Struggling to decide on border colours now. Otherwise, I’m not far from the end.

Oh, I did finally make the Christmas table runner. I had intended to make it for 2020 but that year went tits up didn’t it. Here you go.

I’ve purchased some more Christmas fabric designs so I can make more for Christmas 2022.

I guess that brings you up to date in a time jumping kind of way. I hope I can get back into blogging. It may not be frequent in the month. Maybe once a month. But hopefully you can stick with me.

I’ll leave you with my progress from this weaving workshop. Not yet shared on IG.

Only halfway through threading the heddles.

Take care.

6 thoughts on “If you are still there, thank you

  1. Hi, Jamie. I had been wondering about you. It’s nice to know that you are still active in creating fiber objects on a regular basis. I say, don’t stress about posting/not posting. Just share your work when it feels right for you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Welcome back – I refuse to get sucked in to Instagram, so I’m glad to see you posting. It’s fine to be irregular – or short, for that matter; it’s the photos of your finished work that I look forward to.


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