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SneakerKit: Unpacking the box!

It’s exciting to receive the SneakerKit box. I ordered it last weekend, so given everything that’s going on, and this coming from the Netherlands, it’s quite fast.

The package looks nothing special, but I like that. It’s all cardboard and brown paper bag. The only exception being the small plastic bags around a couple of items. SneakerKit state on their website that the sole is 60% natural rubber, no shoe factory involved, and because you stitch the leather to the sole there is no glue involved and you can switch them when you fancy a new look or a new sole.

Anyway, I thought to do something a little different for this post. So, you are going to hear my dulcet tones (yeah, right) talking about the kit, some comparisons to my previous sneakers, and explanation of the templates and the sneakers I plan to make. I don’t profess to be an expert, given I have only made one pair before. But, I’ll do my best to tell you what I think and how I get on.

My apologies up front for the wonky video skills. I was filming this on my phone in one hand, trying to move things around with the other. I’m not really set up for video. If I plan to do more, then I’ll get some proper kit.

So, here goes. The unpacking. No voiceover on this bit because the brown paper was noisy.

Now that the noisy, brown paper bag is out of the way, here is the talk-y bit.

I shall correct my error and say, the leather is a waxed suede, which explains why it looks different to what I thought.

These soles and insoles really are much better than the previous version. Just the soles are €49, so if you work with leather a lot, these are more expensive than a cheap mass-made sneaker, but cheaper than a fashion house leather sneaker. At €89 for the kit, the first time is more expensive but, after that, it is back to the basic kit and leather. I’ve seen fashion sneakers for £195. Sure, they are probably high quality leather, probably with some glue plus stitching.

But, with these you can say, “Yes, I made them”. You know their origin to a degree. Plus, if you are vegan, then buy the basic kit, get some vegan approved material suitable for shoes and away you go. And because it’s you making them, they will be unique due to your colour choices, especially if you source your own leather. Check out their Instagram feed for examples of how custom-made you can go.

Consider, there are two upper pieces to these sneakers, so you can have two colours, or half smooth leather, half suede. If you wanted an old worn look, you might be able to use leather from an old sofa, maybe. You could have silver, gold or any metallic coloured leather. You could go patterned or cutouts. Choice is up to the crafter.

Anyway, back to the videos and on to the pattern templates.

I am such a waffler, and sorry if I mumbled. So, there you have it, for now. I started on the sneakers today, but I’ll give you a full update later in the week.

See ya, keep crafting, and stay safe and well.

8 thoughts on “SneakerKit: Unpacking the box!

  1. Such fun to hear you! Loved it. Looking forward to seeing the making. I refuse to add yet another craft so I will enjoy watching you do instead. Is it weird that I was a bit edgy seeing shoes on a table? I was always told never to put shoes on one but I guess they’re not quite shoes yet. 😄

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  2. I showed this to my OH who is a leather worker and so would only have to buy the basic kit. He was a bit shocked at the price of the soles but I remember looking at making some espadrilles last year and the soles for those were expensive too. Maybe I’ll buy him a kit for his birthday – in my size of course 😉

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    1. I know you can buy rubber soles on places like Etsy, but when I’ve looked while they were cheaper, they look inferior. One place I saw a photo and the holes for stitching were all over the place. So you would get a wonky line. It looks to be a better sole and insole than before, so I can see where they have invested.


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