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New Sneakers – Done

Well, the sneakers are complete with their laces. I had been asking people if they preferred blue or hot pink laces. The hot pink is not quite that vibrant. People made it challenging when they said both. 🙂 In the end, blue had more votes, so here they are all completed. I’m going to send… Continue reading New Sneakers – Done

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Trace, Cut, Stitch, Repeat, OMG!

Things were going so well. Until they didn’t. The title of this post should carry on as a Dismay, Resignation, Reorder and Start Again. I am sure we all have had these moments in our makes. (Please day I am not the only one!) I traced the template and cut the pieces for the sneakers.… Continue reading Trace, Cut, Stitch, Repeat, OMG!

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Happy Days – SneakerKit #3 Arrives

Delivery day and my third SneakerKit has arrived. Something for the weekend. 😀 Here is a peek at the unwrapping. Watch out for the next update at the weekend.

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Leather Sneakers: The Stitch-up, Part 2

Following on from Part 1, where I explained how things went wrong for me, in this part I start the sneaker stitching again; the right way! Here we go. Threading the needle. This is the best way to start your stitching. The last thing you want to is have the thread pull out of the… Continue reading Leather Sneakers: The Stitch-up, Part 2

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Leather Sneakers: The Stitch Up, Part 1

Do you like the title? I probably had about five or six different ones, before settling on this. So, in this post, I hope to convey how the process went for stitching these sneakers together, problems or roadblocks I came up against, and how I moved past them to the final completed pair of sneakers.… Continue reading Leather Sneakers: The Stitch Up, Part 1